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Truck and Large Equipment Leasing and Financing Solutions

Here at Intek, we use our years of experience to work out all the details for you. Your result is the best possible service you can find anywhere. So, sit back and relax knowing your business is in the best of hands.

Below are some of the benefits of leasing your vehicle or equipment

  • Finance / Lease to Own Programs Custom Tailored To Your Special Needs
  • We can finance the Full Purchase Price of the equipment or vehicle
  • You can put a down payment and reduce the amount we finance
  • You can own the equipment or vehicle at the end.  You can build equity.
  • We use simple interest leases with NO prepayment penalties! You can pay off your obligation early and save money. One call does it all . . . Contact us today!

We realize that no two customers are the same; therefore, each transaction is tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our people know how important you are to us. You will always be able to talk to us, not a machine.

Knowing how to choose the correct vehicle or piece of equipment and how to make it affordable can only come from years of experience.

We offer special lease to own programs. We can arrange an alternative to conventional financing where you can take full advantage of the tax benefits of leasing. Lease payments are more readily qualified as tax deductible expenses and depreciation is no longer a tax factor.

The Difference…
We understand the small business environment. We are not brokers. We own all of our vehicles and equipment. Helping your business grow is our business.

Registration is our responsibility and we do it right. Leave all the hassle of dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to us.