PPP Checklist

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We put together a checklist of all the documents that an SBA lender will likely ask of you when applying. Please note, depending on your local bank, their requirements might differ.

Official PPP Loan Application: Most lenders will use a standard form or have a similar form which requests the following information

  • Business Name (DBA)
  • Address
  • EIN
  • Owner’s Contact Information (anyone with 20%+)
  • Average Monthly Payroll

Payroll Documentation:

  • Payroll register for the full 2019 year
  • Payroll Statement for February
  • If you use a service like ADP or Paychex, they will have a report for you

Tax Documentation:

  • Form 941 – Quarterly Tax Filings (all 4 for 2019)
  • Form 944 (annual tax filings for 2019)

ID Verification:

  • Drivers License for All Owners with 20%+

Documents for Owner Operators:

  • 1099-MISC forms (2019)
  • 2019 IRS 1040 Schedule C
  • Income and Expense reports for 2019
  • Visit our 1099 Resource Center for More info